The Uniake Connection


The Uniake family has a long connection with Killeagh Parish.

The Charitable Irish Society, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

This Society was founded in 1786 by Irishmen to provide relief for those of the Irish Nation who “shall be reduced by sickness, old age, shipwreck and other misfortunes”.

In 1988 it clelebrated 200 years of continuous charitable works, and honoured its first President, Richard John Uniake by erecting this plaque in his Glenbower Valley birthplace.

Born in Castletown, Glenbower Valley 1753
Died at Uniacke House, Mount Uniacke, Nova Scotia 1830

Castletown House.

This house was the birth place of Richard John Uniake(1753-1830), Attorney General of Nova Scotia, Canada for 33 years. He was also 1st president of the Charitable Irish Society of Hallifax.

The house was built from the stone of Glenane Castle, whose estate belonged to the Fitzgeralds.

The house was in ruin for many years but is now in the process of being restored by Stephen Ottman from Dungorney.  In fact, the restoration is nearing completion.

Mt. Uniake House

In 1703, Captain James Uniake purchased the estate of Coolegorrah from James Fitzgerald of Glenane.

He built Mt. Uniake House from the stone of Coolegorrah Castle and changed the name from Coolegorrah to Mt. Uniake.

James Uniake was born in Dublin in 1671 and fought at the Battle of the Boyne.  In family legend he is said to have distinguished himself by giving his horse to William of Orange when the latter’s was shot from under him.  James Uniake was presented with a pistol later as a brave and faithful man.

Mt. Uniake House is in total ruins today.