May 022015

HI All,


Unfortunately, due to the (really) bad weather, we’ve had to cancel the Music in the Woods tomorrow.
Hopefully we’ll be in a position to re-schedule during the summer.


Sorry for any disappointment this has caused.

Apr 222015

The section of Glenbower Wood closest to Killeagh village is under the ownership of a local group – Glenbower Wood & Lake.  We maintain this site, and work to develop the section of the woods that is under our care.

There is a much larger part of the woods that extends northwards from the White Bridge, and this is under the control of  Coillte.

As you know, we are looking at developing cycle trails in the wood, and that is the focus of our fundraiser on May Sunday.

Coillte, however, do have a strategy for cycle trails, and we have attached a copy of it. It is our hope that we will be able to work with Coillte and develop cycling as an activity for all in our beautiful wood

Coillte_Off_Road_Cycling_Strategy  (Click to download the PDF file)

Apr 222015
May Sunday 2015 (Large)

On Sunday 3rd May, there will be the  ‘Music In the Woods’ festival in Glenbower Wood.

There will be a great line-up of musicians, including
  • Bobby Lee with friends,
  • Patsy & Ger
  • James Lee & Friends
  • Brian & Pakie
  • John Hurley
  • and many more.

This year we will partner with a number of Dog Welfare groups and have a ‘Doggy Day’s theme.

Attending will be
  • Irish Therapy Dogs
  • Cork Dog Action Welfare Group
  • Dog Training Cork
  • Paws Grooming
  • Irish Search Dogs
  • Irish Guide Dogs Association

This part will finish with a fun Dog Show Competition, so pop along with your pooch!


Other events attending include Spike Island Adventure Group.  There will be plenty of food available with Volcano Pizza, Crepes, Coffees, Ice Creams and a shop.
We may also have some extra attractions for the younger music fans, so keep an eye out.
Admission will be €5 per adult and children are free. The proceeds will go towards building a Family Friendly Bike Trail in the woods (for more information on the bike trail, click here)
May Sunday 2015 (Large)



Apr 222015

We have some great news – we are going to develop a family friendly cycle trail within the woods in the area between the playground and the car park.

Have a look at the map below for more details.

Our May Sunday Event (on 3rd May) will be the main fundraiser to get this started – so please support us!

Cycle Trail Map

Mar 232015

The committee for Glenbower Wood & Lake met last Friday night – and we’re able to announce a few things that are coming up for the wood.

Music in the Wood (In aid of a Family Bike Trail)

May Sunday was a great tradition in Killeagh, and we are aiming to revive this old festival.  There will be a  great selection of music -and this year we will have one central stage where we will have a succession of musicians.  There will be a larger selection of food for sale.  This year the proceeds will be in aid of developing a family friendly cycle trail in the area of the woods above the playground.  More details of this are to be confirmed after the Easter Holidays.


Orienteering Day

During the June Bank Holiday there will be an orienteering event held.


Control of Rhododendron / Laurel

As we reported here, we have a very detailed report outlining how to manage rhododendron and laurel in the wood.


Grant Application

We have applied for a grant to fund repairs to the wooden bridge at the earlier part of the woods.  The upper structure of this bridge is timber, and the timber is beginning to deteriorate. Hopefully a successful application will enable this important work to take place.


Bike Trails

Glenbower Wood has been on Ordinance Survey maps for many, many years.  So long, in fact, that the wood is considered to be a native Irish Forest. This means that as Coillte harvests commercial timber, they must replant in native Irish species.  One of Coilltes goals in woods such as Glenbower is to develop the woods amenity potential.  To this end we are planning to work with Coillte to develop cycle trails along the full length of Glenbower.

Mar 222015

Most users of Glenbower Wood will have noticed that we have two invasive species that are causing a problem:

  • Rhododendron
  • Laurel

On their own, or in  a limited space, either of these does not really cause a big problem.  However, in the woods they have become widespread and cause a number of problems:

  • They shade out natural species – stopping them from growing
  • They drop poisonous leaves – affecting soil quality
  • They reduce biodiversity – and affect the numbers of birds, insects and small mammals
  • (for more information see P.15 of the attached report)

So we now have a plan of how to manage our infestation of rhododendron and laurel.  There is a lot of work involved, but it is important that this is done to protect the native woodland of Glenbower.

You can download the full report by clicking on the following link:   Glenbower_Wood_&_Lake_Invasive_Mgmt_Plan_20-03-15_Rev_A[1].

Dec 282014
We’ve all been there, the post Christmas turkey blues.  That feeling that you’ve eaten just a little bit too much.
Well, one group of people decided to do something about it last Sunday in Glenbower Wood.
The Irish Mountain Running Association, along with Glenbower Wood & Lake hosted a few runs in the Woods to suit all ages.
There was a 500 metre run for the under 10s;
an 800 metre run for the 10 – 16 year olds,
and a 6 KM run for the adults.
There was a great turnout, with over 130 runners in total, with the proceeds going towards the ongoing maintenance of Glenbower Wood.
The runners all had a great time – the weather was excellent, and everyone was offered refreshments in O’Mahony’s Bar afterwards.  The juniors had biscuits and juice, while the adults went for mince pies and mulled wine.  A great day all round.
The Irish Mountain Running Association puts on a number of events during the year, you can find out more about them at
Here is a link to their Facebook Page.
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